Can we talk honestly? Most of us said, "YES!" to being a board member because we love to see babies rescued from abortion and we despise the rampant abortion culture that is gaining ground from our own tax dollars. Becoming a board member was our way to fight back. We all want to be a great board member, and genuinely contribute to the betterment of the vision and mission. Nevertheless, there are so many distractions, family, friends, church, and work. We fit into none of the standard CCC (Cash or Connections or Communication) acronym for a secular board member. Some would rightfully confess to a lack of any background in running a non-profit, while others would say, I am not good at talking in front of people. Now we are being asked to make some critical decisions about areas in which we had no prior education, and that we stood legally liable for the decisions. Our own houses and reputations were on the line for it. 

My greatest fear, as a board member myself, is that I will let my organization down. Maybe it is pride, but, I don't like to fail. In the religious world people are usually nice. They rarely call you a failure, they voice their grievance by withholding their money or never starting to support at all. Their lack of partnership in your work speaks silent volumes.

We all know we have a problem. Simple Pregnancy Resource Center Board Success Workshop is here to fix many of those problems. I have taught this workshop in single evening 4-Hour sessions all over the country. Now it is available online. You can learn at home or listen in the car on the way to work like a podcast. Some centers are hosting Board Retreat Watch Parties. It is all good. As you are going to complete it confident in your new knowledge of your ministry, and more educated in the behind the scenes pro-life world that you ever imagined. I will not hide the truth from you.

For the past two decades I have served the Pregnancy Resource Center world. Since the day I stepped for onto the pro-life stage at Focus On The Family (Dr. James Dobson era), until today, I have been focused on helping boards become successful. I have spoken to hundreds of board members through the workshops and through 800 fundraising banquet events. I know this material. I promise that you are going to have a great time... especially when the workshop is all over!

I could give this all away. But we don't read books that are free, and we don't appreciate dinners that come with no tip jar. So to kick off this new online edition, each center is going to pay twenty-five-dollars per viewer for the entire series. That is about 800% less than the cost of the LIVE "IN PERSON" EDITION. You're welcome.

My promise to you is that you are going to finish with a working knowledge of what questions you need to ask at your next board meeting. You will know how to find the problem areas in your fundraising. You will know how to increase the number of clients that come in your doors. You will learn how to be an Ambassador for your Pregnancy Center. This is not rocket science. It is passion or not. I hope you posses the passion for life to join us for success.

When you have provided the special introductory $25 entrance donation you may read the instructions on the VIDEO WORKSHOP ACCESS (tab) and begin the workshops. There are 26 workshops containing more information and ideas than imaginable.

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