With all respect to my Executive Director friends,

There is a greater danger to pregnant women than Planned Parenthood? Organizations rise and fall based on a great leadership team. In the business world, if you want to stifle growth, you saddle the company with an unprepared board. One day it might break your heart to look back and realize
 that your leadership team, these people you truly love, were the greatest hindrance to the growth of the ministry. Recent surveys showed that 30% of Pregnancy Center board members did not even know that "PRC" stood for Pregnancy Resource Center, over 40% of board members were not financially supporting their center, and 72% of board members felt they had little to actually contribute to the success of the ministry. We shall not elaborate on the center that had the word "PREGNANCY" misspelled on their company sign for five years.

While not knowing abbreviations or being a bad speller can be easily overlooked, however, not financially supporting your own organization throws up some serious red flags. That kind of leadership is often leading by whim, guesswork, and fear. That kind of leadership is a volatile mix that is quick to blame the E.D. for any and all problems.
Ask Jesus how that scenario happens.

We all hear about centers that have energetic board members who raise over 40% of their center funding long before their fundraising events and banquets. But why don't we have them? I'll tell you the truth... great boards are not accidents, they on purpose. Like Jesus, you are going to have to develop the disciples all the way along, while trying to avoid the Pharisees in the church, the pro-choice mob in the government, and at least one Judas along your journey.
Sorry, if that was too real.

STOP! Think about this. We educate our volunteers. We educate our clients. We educate ourselves at Heartbeat and Care-Net conferences. Why do we not continually educate the people who "should" have a generous knowledge of everything the staff, the volunteers, and the clients need to know? The boards ability to lead, and to serve, and to provide support is directly linked with their education in the area of PRC operations and non-profit fundraising. You will get more out of an educated board in twenty minutes than an uneducated board in twenty meetings. And you won't have to provide Subway sandwiches to rally the attendance.

SIMPLE PRC BOARD SUCCESS WORKSHOP is not the Standards and Practices that your Heartbeat, Care-Net, and NIFLA organizations provide. SIMPLE PRC BOARD SUCCESS WORKSHOP is a real life, down to earth, board inspiration and education. SPSW will inspire passion, financial advancement, and client growth. I use this material in our own ministry and know it works.

I remain committed to making this material affordable. It is now online because I can no longer fulfill the requests for the 4 hour workshop live at every center. Nor can they afford the cost of the flights and expenses. This online form is both inexpensive, and accessible at anytime and anywhere. I am asking that every person given access to the material pay $25 for access to the entire course material, and the new material we are developing. I am doing this on an honor system. Any board member who would violate the honor system should be your board anyway.
So I have complete trust.

You all know that I have been a well known entity in pro-life fundraising for two decades. I am the most repeatedly-booked fundraising banquet speaker that Ambassador Speakers (Gloria Leyda) has ever represented. In the midst of that, my wife and I helped start two PRCs and we continue to operate a mission in the Dominican Republic. If you think those third-world missions operate on a shoe string, you are dead wrong. I bring to your table what I know works.

Neither of us can force a board member to succeed, but we can give them the opportunity to learn how to succeed. This workshop works wonderfully for a board retreat workshop too! Assign two a week for the next 13 weeks, or host a watch party at the office. With video, the opportunities are endless.

All 26 workshops are available for a donation of $25 (cost per board member) using the PayPal portal below. This is the same material that centers have paid thousands of dollars for in the live version. You can watch them anywhere, anytime. This special $25 offer is for a limited time for the early users.

With all my respect,
Mike G. Williams
863-670-1668 (Yes, I will gladly take your questions)

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