The Ultimate Foot Stompin Bass Porchboard Percussion Pedal and more...
How to play your newest instrument...
and some advice from a long time user and designer.

LIVE USE: 1. Plug FOOTBASS into P.A. channel or amp (bass amp if possible) and stomp it! TAPE it to the floor using gaffer tape (re-useable duct tape) to keep it from sliding around if needed. This will also allow you to tap it in different places to get different degrees of audio emphasis.

Set the tone controls to get the sound you are looking for. You do not have to stomp the top. Many users place it between there feet and slap it sideways. If you want a really great deep kick drum sound, dial in 80 hz and boost that frequency and also ad a little top end for the paper sound. I love them directly into the back of home type subwoofers for use with an acoustic guitar. It kills!

You can use a direct box with a ground lift switch if you have to attain long runs (over 40 foot) to the P.A. The ground lift may help if you are in a high RF area. Most users do not need this. Always use a shielded (guitar type) cable. Speaker cables will cause hum and buzz!

LIVE USE: 2. Plug the FOOTBASS into a 75 watt or higher powered subwoofer. A simple home style unit will work fine. This sub-woofer will fill the room with heart stopping thumping. I'll be you will never go back to using the PA system again. I use a little Yamaha 75 watt sub with two 8 inch speakers in it. I can rattle the doors on a 300 seat room. It is the only way I personally play my footbass and all of my Stompbox units.

SUBWOOFER IDEAS: Plug you unit into a subwoofer. Nothing makes any stompbox come alive like a simple home (or professional) subwoofer! If you don't have a subwoofer, put a little guitar amp into a cardboard box and seal it up. Cut a small output hole in the side. Now you have a subwoofer. You can also turn a bass amp face down with a little airspace in one side. This will direct the sound into the floor and make your crowd feel as if you are stomping the floor under them. Very cool effect.

REVERB and EFFECTS: Can you add reverb to your FOOTBASS channel? Yes, get crazy... I like it through a Fishman Aura and also through an Aphex Exciter with Big Bottomm feature. It makes an even bigger bottom. My sister in law does not have this much bottom. I love these with a compressor and played through a bass amp with your bass together.

RECORDING VARIATIONS: Plug FOOTBASS into channel and stomp it, tap it, rub it! Try using a metal object (penny, nickel, quarter, tuning fork, bicycle rim) they all give a little different sound. Loop the sound of each and see what you can get. This will give you a unique sound that is not attainable by anyone else. Try replacing your drum set kick with a foot bass. I think you will love it. Use the E.Q. to get different ranges of audio emphasis.

You will find a world of different nuances at your fingertips. Yes, fingertips! Do not limit yourself to foot operation. Thumb it! Drum stick it. Hammer or spoon it! Place it under your acoustic guitar strings (loosen strings to fit), hit the strings to get a ringing 808 tone. Try a 6 inch nail file or a piece of sandpaper against the padded side for a great brush sound. Sit on it! Experiment... within reason.

DOUBLE BASS: Many of our pro users have two of these. They tape them back to back and either daisy chain them, or use separate channels for a double bass sound. Then they can simply rock their foot back and forth for a killer double kick that is faster than any foot pedal can be by virtue of trigger time.

VARIATION: A few of our users take two of them, place one under each foot when sitting down. This way they can go back and forth from right to left and left to right. It also reduces foot fatigue.

LOOPING: Set up the same as you would any other application but put the FOOTBASS into a looper input. Both the Jam Man and the Boss have multiple inputs that will allow you to do this. You might try placing your FOOTBASS into a delay pedal and let it play itself. Set the echo time... tap the FOOTBASS... and let the delay repeat until you are done. It is just that simple.

INSTALLING THE FREE T-SHIRT: Place head through the larger center hole with the tag toward the back of the neck. Now place each arm (hands first or you could hurt yourself) simultaneously through the corresponding holes. If you make a mistake please start again. In case of emergency please call 911.

Can I remove the woodgrain top from the woodgrain top models? Yes. It does not effect the sound in any way. You may cover it with a sticker. Have it autographed by James Taylor or Phil Keaggy, or repaint it to a color you like... one that will match your car if you like. The glue on the woodgrain top is sensitive to heat and cold (like a great woman). So put a blow dryer to it, and pull it off. Pick at it with your fingernail a minute. It may come right off in your hand. A little rubbing alcohol or WD40 will remove any excess glue. So do whatever you like with this pedal. It's cool!

Can I remove wood or sandpaper top from the early sandpaper top models? Yes, please feel free to experiment with the attack of the unit by putting felt and padding on top. Duct tape a piece of thin foam if you like. Customize the sound for what you like. DO NOT REMOVE THE SILICONE GRIPPER ON THE BOTTOM OF UNIT as this is a vibration isolator between your FOOTBASS and the floor. Unless you want that. Who are we to judge or limit your sound? You can also install sandpaper on the top and bottom of any of them for a great scratching surface. Get creative... music is an art not axiom.

I like to stomp my FOOTBASS upside down? I like mine with a Philly cheese steak! Whatever way you like it. Many people like the smoother sound of the footbass upside down. Please flip it over and enjoy the new sound. PS: I l use it that way on many of my recordings. I have one covered with sock.

What should I do if the FOOTBASS makes my show a whole lot better? Well you could tell everyone about the product! You could keep it to yourself and enjoy the increased income and popularity. Of course you could also go into hiding like Elvis and enjoy life as it was meant to be. See you at the Waffle House in Memphis.

WARNING: If you open your FOOTBASS - close it. It isn’t rocket science, but it is patented. So think about that before you go into the FOOTBASS business. Getting the right parts is what makes it work like it does. Do not change the internal configuration. Some FOOTBASS units will explode if taken apart. Please contact us for a special rate on a second (backfoot) FOOTBASS. Now go and enjoy your new FOOTBASS! Your FOOTBASS is not a toy. Always FOOTBASS responsibly.

INSTALLING AN OFFICIAL FOOTBASS T-SHIRT: Place head through the larger center hole with the tag toward the back of the neck. Now place each arm (hands first or you could hurt yourself) simultaneously through the corresponding holes. If you make a mistake please start again. In case of emergency please call 911.

FOOTBASS INC.  are registered trademarks in multiple countries 

MORE WARNINGS: User must assume all risk involved with operation of a FOOTBASS unit. One should not FOOTBASS while driving, talking on the phone, or operating heavy machinery. This aint rocket science people!

Do we really care? FOOTBASS is a labor of love from some guys who love to play guitar and have been building custom guitar products for people for many years. As far as the enormous profits go... every dollar of profit from each of the FOOTBASS units goes to provide clean water for a family in Haiti or the Dominican Republic. That does not make us special, or make our units better than the other companies who are also listed on this site. We respect them and their great products. We share this only because some people like to know why we even bother to build these things.
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