The Ultimate Foot Stompin Bass Porchboard Percussion Pedal and more...
Compare to the other guys and save a few hundred!
Why carry around a fifty pound chunk of floor
when the same thing can be put in your guitar case?
The Indestructible FOOTBASS A great Stompbox / Porchboard for all your tapping, looping, drumming needs. See all the happy customers and save hundreds from the "other" models offered by the competitors, and in comparison to the FOOTBASS custom shop models. Current run comes with a non skid silicone bottom. The NEW models are coated with a baked on Classic finish color of your choice. Our buyers tell us they look HOT! All of these models are hand wired and set up for a full "low end" output. You must contact us for an invoice and declare your color choice and we will send you the invoice.
Reg. $289.00

The FOOTBASS "Discontinued Custom Color or Blemish Paint" sale
... Save $190.00 off the regular price if you don't mind a slight paint blemish.  These are the Les Paul gold you see on the left side of your web page. They look great. But they are a slightly different color mix  of the paint from the current model, so we have to sell them as blems. Seriously! The sound is the same as the original FOOTBASS. Just a little paint mis-match saves you a bunch.  Email us at and request an invoice for the Blem model. We will respond with a color choice question if we have multiple colors available and send you a PayPal bill back to your email address. Then your FOOTBASS will go out in the next mornings mail via USPS Priority Shipping.
Internet special Blem. $99.00 + $14.00 (total $113.00) for Priority USPS shipping USE PAYPAL LINK ON HOME PAGE FOR DIRECT ORDERING CONNECTION.

The FOOTBASS Vintage Ringer T-Shirt... You can proudly sport your footbass emblem in this vintage ringer T-Shirt. The gray T, black rings, with a white logo scream vintage. Your friends will all want one. But we only sell them to FOOTBASS customers. Contact us for size and availability.

The FOOTBASS Vintage Green T-Shirt... You can proudly sport your footbass emblem in this dark green T-Shirt. The green shirt with a white logo scream "Hey, my foot is louder than yours with a genuine FOOTBASS logo. Your friends will all want one. But we only sell them to FOOTBASS customers. XL only Price $14.95 CURRENTLY SOLD OUT!

Send an email with your request to from your PayPal associated email. We will respond with a thank you to your email and send an invoice to your PayPal associated email address. Respond to PayPal and we will ship your FOOTBASS right out to you. That was easy!


The FOOTLONG: A one foot long (or longer) aluminum tube that is wired with two, three, or four pickups (depending on config) to be used as a full foot / multi foot stomper box. A similar model is used by Dave Nowak (Al Denson, Keri Jobe) for kick inflections added to his bass guitar, and for kick drum sounds for acoustic sets. Definitely hand made, hand wired, and a real pain to build! $349.00 (2 week custom shop time)

REMEDY DOUBLE BOX: Remedy Drive's stage wooden STUDIO model cost in the area of $350.00 and features a pick-up and a microphone wired in stereo with a mono jumper. Metal tapper on this box comes from an original sign from the Varsity Drive-in in Atlanta. $350.00 (3 week custom shop time)

FYI: FOOTBASS does it's best to maintain green standards in both buying and manufacturing processes. We use only recycled foam. Our packaging is minimized to the USPS 2 day container. Unfortunately our baked on paint could kill a rodent at 15 feet, so keep your rodents away from it!

FYI: The FOOTBASS.coms parent company PropComedy has been building props, special effects, magic effects, and electronics for the entertainment industry in Nashville and Vegas for many years. You have seen there products on every major television network.

FYI: There is a 15% Restocking fee on any returns or exchanges for different colors, different style box, or general return. There is a no return policy on the experimental, blemished, or discontinued color model footbass units. We do guaranty every unit to perform (sound quality) as well as every other FOOTBASS we sell. You will love them all. We have never had a failed FOOTBASS yet... We don't plan on starting either.

* FOOTBASS T-SHIRT is already boxed and ready to ship. They come in our choice of colors (green) and only XL. Your choice is two fold, one, the color, and two, whether or not to wear it. They are also great guitar cleaning cloths! Get creative, and be nice, they cost us eight dollars.

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